Based in the bonnie Kingdom of Fife, we are a small team of keen cooks who love new and exciting foods and want to bring a Scottish twist to everyday sauces. Having Haggis for tea? Then why not try it with our Whisky Sauce. Having pancakes or porridge for breakfast? Then add a slug of our Whisky Syrup to make it really special. Ice-cream is transformed with our Whisky Chocolate Sauce or our Malt Whisky Caramel Sauce. Fancy a salad? Then why not add a drizzle of our Whisky Balsamic Dressing. Finally add a dollop of Whisky BBQ to your sausage or bacon roll, it’s braw (as we say in Scotland). And if whisky is not your tipple of choice, why not buy a bottle for the whisky lover in your life, it is guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

We hope you enjoy looking through our website. Our shop lets you buy any of our products and our recipe page is definitely worth a visit for some inspiration! Our sister company, The Little Herb Farm has more delicious products.

We are proud to be Scottish and proud to share our products both home and abroad. If you have a shop and are looking for something unique, different and undeniably Scottish please drop us a line and we would be happy to send you our product brochure.

Slainte mhath!

A Wee History of Whisky

The term whisky comes from the Gaelic ‘usige beatha’ meaning ‘water of life’. It has been made in Scotland for hundreds of years. Who made it first is in debate – many believe it to have been brought to Scotland by missionary monks but it may have been the Highland crofters that first made the drink from their extra crops. The oldest reference to whisky dates back to 1494 while the earliest reference to a distillery dates back to the late 17th century. Whisky is typically made in Copper stills and aged in wooden casks, generally made of oak. Whisky ages not in the bottle but in the cask so the age of the whisky refers to the length of time between distilling and bottling. Much of the whisky produced in Scotland today is exported around the world but we Scots do keep a dram or two back for ourselves!