10 things you didnae ken about Dundee


Our Scotch Whisky Sauces are born and bottled in Dundee. It's a fact. Here are ten more interesting facts about our city that may serve you well during your next game of Trivial Pursuit:


1. At the end of the Victorian era, Dundee was famous for it’s “3 J’s” – Jute, Jam and Journalism. What is jute we hear you ask… why it’s a vegetable fibre used to make strong thread.


2. Rockstar North, makers of the infamous Grand Theft Auto game, was founded in Dundee.


3. It’s the birthplace of The Beano and The Dandy. Ok, that one’s obvious. But did you know that during WWII, they were published on alternate weeks due to paper and ink rationing?


4. Dundee has 6 twin cities including Alexandria, Virginia and Orleans, France.


5. The inventor of adhesive postage stamps, James Chalmers, was born in Dundee.


6. The first ever radio broadcast was sent from Dundee. Check 1, 2.


7. The origins of Dundee cake, a traditional Scottish fruit cake, can be traced back to Keiller's marmalade company, who are credited with giving the cake its iconic name.


8. Mary Godwin wrote the first lines of Frankenstein when she stayed in Dundee for two years.


9. Sir William Wallace, who led the Scottish rebellion against Edward I, went to school in Dundee.


10. The first dissection of an elephant in Britain was carried out in Dundee by Dr Patrick Blair, in 1706. What’s your favourite weird and wonderful fact about Dundee?

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