Behind The Scenes

We thought you might like a behind the scenes look at our making process. Our sauces are made from ingredients of the highest quality and are free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives meaning we can add more of our favoured Scotch Whisky. At Whisky Sauce, we, like a mature malt, get better with age. We have over two decades of experience making high quality sauces with only the best Scottish ingredients.

The Process Making the Whisky Sauce. Carefully-sourced, high quality ingredients are combined in the Whisky Sauce cauldron and slowly brought to the boil, with careful stirring to ensure complete mixing. Special Ingredient.

The moment which gives the Whisky Sauce its unique characteristic - the addition of the The Sampling Tasting. The Master Blender tastes the cooled product to ensure every batch has that perfect combination of flavours. golden nectar, Scotch Malt Whisky. The Bottling Bottling the spirit. Bottles are tightly machine-sealed with tamper-evident tops, to ensure optimum enjoyment.







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