Bread and Butter for Your Mother

Happy Mother’s Day, readers! Still scrambling to figure out what to give your mom this Sunday? The most important lady in your life deserves more than just a Sainsbury’s bouquet this year. Stop by our shop and check out our gift packs, sure to be a hit with Mum! From our dressing to our bonnet sauce, if she likes whisky, she’ll love our product.




If you prefer giving gifts with a personal touch, here is our fearless leader Grant’s own recipe for Bread and Butter pudding to bring with you to Mum’s on Sunday. It is absolutely brilliant with our Butterscotch Whisky Sauce!




8 slices of bread

2 oz butter

2 bananas, sliced

1 cup currants

1 cup dried fruit

1 tablespoon brown sugar

Half a 400g tin of custard

A bottle of our Scotch Whisky Butterscotch©




• Spread butter onto slices of bread – enough to cover 2 layers within an ovenproof dish.

• Add bananas between the layers of bread and liberally cover all over with currants and dried fruit.

• Mix custard with Butterscotch Whisky Sauce 2:1 and pour over the mixture to cover.

• Sprinkle brown sugar and cook in oven for 30-40 minutes.

• Serve warm. So go ahead. Bring a game-changer to Sunday roast this Mother’s day. She’ll love you for it!  


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