Easter Weekend

Easter is our favourite time of the year.  It means lie-ins, lots of fluffy baby animals hopping about the place AND you get to stuff your face full of delicious chocolatey goodness.  We know that the weather can be somewhat unreliable, so we’ve come up with a plethora of tasty recipes that can be enjoyed whether you’re basking in the glorious sunshine or snuggled up by the fire.  We’ve got three days’ worth of great recipes below, so take full advantage of your time off and get creative in the kitchen. We promise the end result will be just as good as all the spoon-licking along the way. If you have any Easter recipes that you think we could add to our list, please feel free to get in touch.  If we really like your idea, we may even treat you to a bottle of your choice of sauce AND publish your recipe on our blog.  Aren’t we so lovely?  Just email us at info@whiskysauce.co.uk with you eggcellent suggestions!    

Good Fried-Day

Avocado, Pancetta & Pine Nut Salad Simple and delicious.  We believe Jamie knows his stuff when it comes to combining flavours to create a taste sensation and this dish is no exception.  This salad is sure to keep everyone happy with the combination of crispy pancetta and creamy avocados and can be served as a starter, side dish, or as a light lunch.  Instead of oil & balsamic vinegar, try drizzling some of our Scotch Whisky Dressing on top.  How about that for “Pukka”, Mr Oliver?


Teriyaki Salmon Packed full of flavour It takes mere minutes to cook, it’s super simple to make and it has a wonderfully crispy skin.  What more could you want? This fried salmon dish fromSimply Scratchis enough to tantalise anyone’s taste buds. Substituting the soy/teriyaki sauce for a splash of our Scotch Whisky or Scotch Bonnet sauces will greatly enhance the flavours and definitely leave you wanting more.




Deep fried cream eggs   

Wonderfully gooey goodness Now this idea from WikiHow has caused a marmite-like divide in our office today.  Opinions were essentially “oh no!” or “oh yes!”  Regardless of your gut reaction, we believe this is one of those things that you have to try at least once.  So why not give it a go and let all that gooey goodness ooze out of the crispy shell as you enter your sugar-induced, childhood happy place. To add a slightly more grown-up feel, try drizzling the Scotch Whisky Syrup or Scotch Whisky Butterscotch sauces over the top.



Easter Sundae

Eggs Benedict A fabulous twist on a classic brunch This dish from Marc is an all-time favourite and there was some doubt as to whether such a good recipe should be tampered with.  However, it turns out that there’s always room for improvement!  Add a splash of Scotch Whisky Vinegar to your boiling water before putting the eggs in, and use it in the hollandaise instead of the lemon juice.  Delicious.

Eggs Ben


Honey-Glazed Ham

A wonderful home comfort A traditional Easter recipe from Women &Home that’s great for all weathers.  The combination of the salty ham and the sweet, sticky honey is too good to pass up!   For a new twist, try using our Scotch Whisky Syrup to glaze the meat instead of the honey. And don’t worry about those leftovers! We have an excellent idea for how to deal with any extra ham below. Ham  

Hot Cross Butterscotch Glory

Sweet, decadent, glorious This mouth-watering dessert from The Devil's Food Advocate is the perfect recipe to end a dinner party with.    Replace the normal butterscotch sauce with our Scotch Whisky Butterscotch to create a brilliantly boozy pudding.  To keep in with the Easter theme, try tearing up some hot cross buns, toasting the ripped up pieces, and sprinkling them over your ice cream…mmm… Sorry, we got a bit carried away there.



Feaster Monday

Ultimate Ham & Cheese Toastie You’ve done enough cooking this weekend Remember when we were telling you about using all that leftover ham?  Well here it is, nice and simple.  The hard work is out the way and Easter is nearly over.  So why not take it easy and just make yourself a toastie, you deserve it.  For some added flavour, splash a few drops of Scotch Whisky Sauce or Scotch Bonnet Sauce onto the cheesey side of your toastie before heating it up.  Make it into a meal by adding the side salad below.




Simple Side Salad To accompany any dish If your chocolate-filled body is now craving something green, try this yummy salad from Betty Crocker with your toastie to make a meal of it. Use our Scotch Whisky Vinegar or Scotch Whisky Dressing to give it an extra hit of flavour.




Dark Chocolate Fondue Rich & Indulgent This fabulous recipe from In the Kitchen is a great way to polish off those unfinished Easter eggs.  Add some Scotch Whisky Syrup to the fondue to make it more grown-up, because we like chocolate too! You can dip anything you want in to your rich, gooey, puddle of chocolate from brioche to marshmallows to strawberries. See if you can find a new favourite thing to cover in chocolate.



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