For the love of food

It's February and the supermarket aisles now hold more shades of pink and red than you knew existed. With Valentine's Day a mere 2 days away, we've gathered a handful of  love-inspired recipes to help you woo your Valentine with your cooking skills. These quick, easy and delicious recipes are sure to keep them sweet and are the perfect match for our whisky sauces.   Red Velvet Pancakes Breakfast in bed is a classic gesture of appreciation for a reason; waking up early is enough of a challenge without the added task of sneaking out of the snug duvet nest in silence so you don't wake up your other half. Make it worth the effort with these tasty and gorgeous red velvet pancakes by Twigg Studios. Slather them in our Scotch Whisky Butterscotch or Scotch Whisky Syrup for a hearty Valentine's breakfast.


Red velvet pancakes  

Mini Savoury Pies

For the pie lover or vegetarian in your life, look no further than these pastry puffs filled with spinach and goats cheese. These little fellas are simple to make and they really deliver on flavour too. Our Scotch Whisky Sauce and savoury pies are a match made in foodie heaven.


Spinach and cheese mini pies


White Chocolate and Raspberry Macarons

Sugary, beautiful and very more-ish - these macarons would make a wonderful Valentine's present for those with a sweet tooth. Try swapping the white chocolate filling for Scotch Whisky Butterscotch.


Strawberry Pretzel Tart

Juicy red strawberries and fresh whipped cream are a Valentine's Day staple. Raise your game with this impressive strawberry and pretzel tart. Add a Scottish twist with a dash of our Scotch Whisky Butterscotch sauce or toss the strawberries in Scotch Whisky Syrup before adding to the dessert.

Strawberry pretzel tart


Four Cheese Pepperoni Pizza

We can't think of anything more cheesy than this heart-shaped pepperoni pizza (with the exception of a cheese-related pun). For extra flavour, add a dash of Scotch Whisky Sauce or Scotch Bonnet Sauce to the top. Nom nom nom.

Four cheese pizza


Roasted Salmon with Tomatoes and Asparagus

If you've spent the morning chomping your way through a massive box of heart-shaped chocolates, redeem yourself with this healthy, tasty, and guilt-free roasted salmon dish by Inside a British Mum's Kitchen. Drizzle Scotch Whisky Dressing over the salmon before serving.

Roasted salmon with tomatoes and asparagus  

We're firm believers that you need not wait until February 14th to show someone you care about them. So don an apron, grab a wooden spoon, and get cooking. And if not for them, do it for the love of food.

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