Great Scot

Between the Olympics, Homecoming and the Commonwealth Games, there's many a reason to be proud of our wee country at the moment. Now whether you liked it or lumped it, the opening ceremony on Wednesday sure got everybody talking. Whilst the dancing teacakes were a bit too much for some, there's no denying that Scotland is full of creative, athletic and talented individuals. One of our favourite places to soak up everything that Scotland has to offer is Edinburgh Castle. We've been doing tastings for Historic Scotland in our country's fine capital to help spread the Whisky word to those otherwise unaware. Here are some great photos taken by Edinburgh photographer Till Britze during last Friday's castle adventure.




On our way up to the very top of the rock.  




Beautiful view of the city in sunshine!  


Grant 2


Grant captivating some tasters with his vast knowledge of Scottish folklore.  




And finally, here's our sauces with the smokin' one o'clock gun.   The four sauces pictured are available at all Historic Scotland sites - have you discovered them anywhere yet? If you want to catch them all head over to our Shop page for the full range. Sláinte!


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