What To Do When The Whisky's Done

It’s always a sad state of affairs when the barrel runs dry but we reckon these folks have a few good ideas for finding the silver lining.  Or should we say oak lining?  Here’s five great uses for your empty whisky barrels to help keep the spirit alive.   1.You can turn them into art This will require some time and effort but you may be surprised at how creative you can be after a barrel o’ the good stuff! These two blogs showcase some of the finest artistic barrel creations.  All you will need is a few old whisky barrels and a heck of a lot of talent!








2. Speakers Some folks reckon they heard music in the distance the first time they ever tried whisky (we believe this may have been after trying quite a lot of it!).  Now you can keep the whisky's musical spirit alive by fashioning a barrel docking station or, if you want a tougher challenge, incredibly classy set of speakers.








3.Tables For those looking for something a bit more practical, barrels are strong and sturdy, which makes them ideal for turning into tables.  They can be dressed up or down depending on whether you’ll be using it for fine dining or outdoor use. Either way you’re sure to add character to your home without spending a fortune.








4.Chairs Whether you’re gathered at the dining table for a family feast or huddled round a campfire singing songs, whisky barrel chairs will certainly bring your whole clan together in style whilst captivating the essence of the spirit itself.








5.Instruments And while you're huddled around that campfire, you're sure to need some entertainment or musical accompaniment. The whisky barrel guitar is one of our favourite creations and makes a great addition to a long summer night of dancing, eating and emptying the next lot of barrels!







Have you done something creative with an old whisky barrel or bottle? Send it in to us at info@whiskysauce.co.uk  for your chance to be featured in our next blog



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