What To Do When The Whisky’s Done - Summer Edition

We're hoping you caught our last blog post about how to make the best use of your old whisky barrels. We loved it so much that we've dug deeper and discovered even more creative ways to showcase your empty barrels this Summer.   First up on our summer hit list we have the hottest way to look cool this Summer. Whisky Barrel Sunglasses








These wonderful pieces come courtesy of Experimentwithnature who have documented a video of the making of them here. With the White Oak used for the frames dating back over 100 years, it's no wonder these glasses flew off the shelf! If anyone can source these sold out beauties - we'd like a pair or two please!   And you can use your amazing new sunglasses to protect your eyes while using this oaky, smokey... Whisky Barrel Barbecue








 These bbqs are a brilliant addition to a garden party and aren't as difficult to make as you might think! Click on the photos for a link to the instructional guide. Check out some of our previous blogs to find our favourite whisky-infused food and drink recipes.   Once you're done with eating, you'll need to get that barbecue-y smell off, and we've found the perfect way. Whisky Barrel Hot Tub


hot tub 1


hot tub 3


hot tub 2


These hot tubs are good for both indoor and outdoor use.  There's even wood-fired whisky hot tubs available for a more authentic experience that's better for the environment - and there's no need to plug them in!   The best way to dry off after a soak? Gather your clan round the campfire to make those Summer nights last as long as possible. Whisky Barrel Fire Pit








We found this step-by-step guide from soyouthinkyourecrafty. We think it's perfect for huddling around, toasting marshmallows and having a good old fashioned sing song.   Hopefully we've inspired you to get creative with your barrels - or at least to drink whisky! If you have any suggestions for our next blog, or have any questions about our previous ones, please don't hesitate to get in touch at info@whiskysauce.co.uk



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