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Our lovely friends over at Solid Liquids took some of our scrummy Scotch Whisky Butterscotch along to last month's Whisky Stramash in Edinburgh as part of the Whisky Month celebrations.  The guys did a fantastic job of getting creative with recipes to produce a Drambuie/Whisky Butterscotch lozenge. Here's what the guys had to say about their Walter White-esque recipe:   "So we mixed the butterscotch whisky sauce with some Drambuie 15 and some 1:1 sugar syrup so that it was super-sweet. We then blended the ingredients together and skimmed off the foam and creamy globules before passing the mixture through a sieve and a superfine coffee filter. We needed to make the texture of the liquid much thicker so we made a xantham gum solution and added it to the mix. Xantham gum (in solution) is colourless and flavourless but is used in cooking as a thickening textural agent. Lastly we added a small amount of Calcium Chloride: a salt used widely in molecular gastronomy. Separately we made a 0.5% Sodium Alginate solution and left it to de-aerate for 24 hours in a large glass dish. To make the ‘lozenges’: a barspoon of the butterscotch Drambuie mix was dispensed from a squeezy bottle and lowered into the Sodium Alginate bath and left to sit for approx. 1 minute. Each lozenge was then withdrawn from this bath and rinsed in a bath of plain water before being placed on a spoon for service. The basic process is called reverse spherification and relies on the fact that the two chemicals (Sodium Alginate and Calcium Chloride) react with each other and form a jelly-like skin. In regular spherification (alginate added to the mixture and dropped into a Calcium solution), the jellifying process continues after the ‘lozenge’ is removed from the bath. In reverse spherification however, the process is halted when you remove the ‘lozenge’ from the bath. This allows you to control how thick a skin you have and how much liquid you keep inside the bubble. For our purposes at The Whisky Stramash we wanted a thin but solid skin around a bubble of delicious, Drambuie and butterscotchy goodness so that when the skin burst on people’s tongues, an explosion of flavour would be experienced."  

And here are some of the fantastic photos from the event.


Whisky Sauce 3






Drambuie  Butterscotch Lozenge


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