Wimbledon Party

Excitement is in the air as Wimbledon 2014 comes to a close this weekend. What better way to watch the final than gather together your family and friends for some tasty treats they will love. You'll have a ball! We’ve thrown together some ace Wimbledon-inspired recipes for you to serve up to your clan to make sure they're well Fed(erer). We've kept them simple, summery and sophisticated. So whoever you are supporting, and wherever you are supporting from, be sure to make a racket and enjoy!   Champagne Cocktails  Firstly, we have a rather sweet twist on everybody’s favourite tennis tipple.





1 Bottle of Champagne of your choice (this recipe is based on Mont d'Hor)

1 Bottle of Scotch Whisky Syrup

1 Punnet of Raspberries (frozen raspberries will keep your cocktails nice and cool)



1. Pour 1 teaspoon of Scotch Whisky Syrup into the bottom of a champagne flute

2. Slowly pour the champagne over the top

3. Gently mix until blended and add a couple of raspberries to garnish


Simple Superfood Salad

An ideal starter or side dish that can be thrown together in 10 minutes, finish off with a drizzle of Scotch Whisky Dressing. Ready in 10mins.


Superfood Salad



20g pine nuts

6 asparagus spears

1 red and 1 yellow pepper

6 sugar snap peas

10 small tomatoes

50g olives

50g artichoke hearts

50g sun-dried tomatoes

1 avocado

Salad leaves

Lemon juice

Scotch Whisky


Dressing Method

1. Dry roast the pine nuts in a frying pan until golden and set aside until the salad is mixed.

2. Cut the pepper into slices and cut the artichoke hearts into quarters. Lightly spray the pepper, artichoke, and asparagus spears with oil and grill until brown.

3. Slice the sugar snap peas and small tomatoes in half.

4. Pit the olives and cut them, along with the sugar snap peas and small tomatoes, in half

5. Cut the avacado into chunks and sprinkle with lemon juice

6. Mix all of the ingredients, except the salad leaves and pine nuts, in a serving bowl

7. Just before the salad is to be served, mix in the salad leaves and sprinkle the roasted pine nuts on the top. Finally, drizzle Scotch Whisky Dressing over the top before serving    


Meringue with Strawberries and Whisky Butterscotch Cream A fabulous addition to a classic summer dessert.


Meringues-with-Strawberries-and-Cream (1)  



Meringues (mini or normal sized)

250ml Fresh Double Cream (whipped cream can be used instead)

2 Punnets of Strawberries

1 Bottle Whisky Butterscotch Sauce (125ml)



1. Whip the cream in a large bowl until it begins to form peaks

2. Slowly pour in the Whisky Butterscotch Sauce and fold into the cream until fully combined and all the sauce is used up

3. Slice up the strawberries and place the meringues on the plate

4. Layer the Butterscotch cream and strawberries on top of the meringue

5. Garnish with mint or basil. Serve immediately  



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