I am sitting here in my tiny office blowing on my hands to keep them warm enough to type! The weather has really turned this week and the last two mornings I have had to defrost the windscreen before I leave. Usually this time of year for us is fairly quiet; we have finished the summer rush and the Christmas frenzy isn’t yet upon us but this year, we seem to be busier than ever!

We decided at the start of the year to revamp our range and re-do some of our recipes. We added three products to the range; whisky caramel sauce, malt whisky marmalade and Scottish Raspberry and malt whisky jam. These have proved popular so far but we want to get them out to more retailers and get more people to try them as they really are lovely. We are starting to work on gift box ideas which we won’t have done in time for this Christmas but are hoping to launch in the New Year in PLENTY time for next Christmas. I am always amazed at how long these projects take and also how far in advance the shop keepers and buyers need the information. For our main distributor their catalogue deadline for Christmas is mid-March! So no sooner are we back after New Year but we are pulling together our offering for the following Christmas!

We are aiming to launch all our new recipe sauces for first of February, previewing them at the largest trade food show in Scotland at the SECC in January. Fingers crossed this goes well as some of these recipes have been a year in development!

Apart from these big changes, we are gathering new customers and trying to get our wee sauces out to as many people as possible. This last few weeks have seen a flurry (well 5!) international orders; 3 to the USA and 2 to Germany. Indeed these have been spurred in part by the Brexit deadline of 31st October, which of course is no irrelevant. It is very exciting for us to think of our little sauces in these countries.

Hopefully we still keep busy over the coming months and please watch this space for the new recipe sauces!